Using Tooltips at series level - Vaadin Charts

Hi there,

We are using Charts 2.0.0 along with Vaadin 7.3.9. and have an issue when trying to use Tooltips at series level rather than at Configuration level. We are display different types of metric (currency, time, money, …) in the same chart so we want to assign specific Tooltip instance for each metric type. The process in simple, for each ListSeries instance we set an instance of PlotOptions with the right Tooltip formatter. However, it keeps on using the default Tooltip at Configuration level.

Are we missing something?

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Hi Luis,

Maybe the discussion/solution in!/thread/3853360 would work for you?


Hi Jonatan,

I did additional tests and realized that the format is applied with tooltip.setPointFormat() (this works at series level), but if you do it with tooltip.setFormatter() it doesn’t work. Unfortunately we need the flexibility provided by setFormatter. We opened a ticket for this:

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