Using demo add-on chart - Vaadin 7 - doesn't compile

I’m evaluating the use of this interesting framework and therefore I’m a newbie.
I’m trying to use the sample Chart (chart add-on) in Vaadin 7 and doesn’t wok.
The sample that I got is from this URL:
The problem is that it doesn’t compile because the class ‘com.vaadin.addon.charts.demoan testapp.Abstract Vaadin Chart Example’ didn’t was found.
I’m using the jar ‘vaadin-charts-1.0.0.jar’ and all Vaadin 7 jars and the Vaadin Eclipse too.

I would appreciate a lot if someone can help me.


Don’t copy paste the whole class, but just the inner part of the getChart method. Then add to chart somewhere into your application like this

//... stuff from getChart method



Hi Matti,

It worked !! I followed your advise and all worked fine.
Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


its not working for me.

I am getting as attachement.

I’m using eclipese luna and I had updated the vaadin plugin. I had copied following jar files into WEB/INF/lib folders

  1. commons-io-1.4.jar
  2. gson-2.2.jar
  3. vaadin-chart-2.0.0-sources.jar
  4. vaadin-charts-2.0.0.jar

I had updated pluginAny advise??

Im not an expert, but if u r using Vaadin 7, u don’t need to copy the jar files. but use Ivy

copy this to Ivy.xml and this:

to IvySettings.xml in ur project. Plus u need to get a free trial from here:

Then from book:

$ java -Dvaadin.charts.developer.license=L1cen5e-c0de …
Eclipse IDE
To install the license key for all projects, select Window Preferences and navigate
to the Java Installed JREs section. Select the JRE version that you use for the application
and click Edit. In the Default VM arguments, give the -D expression as
shown above.

How would you do it without using Ivy?

i have the same problem. error is failed to load widget set… I want to display charts by adding jars to lib.
I also don’t want to add dependency.
help us out