urgent! java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.json.JSONException

Hello Im having this error after I updated a vaadin app from 7.3.5 to 7.4.5 and added this addon: https://vaadin.com/directory#!addon/plupload-wrapper-for-vaadin-7x

my dev envirioment is a windows 2010 with eclipse luna r2,

also part of my code began to mark error :

the commented part was my original code, but after the update began to mark error on the throws
JSON exception part.

public SortableView(String id, boolean isGrid) {
// System.out.println(“SortableView init:”+ id + " isGrid:"+isGrid);
this.innerId = id;
this.sortlistener = new ArrayList();
this.sortArraylistener = new ArrayList();
addFunction(“onViewMod”, new JavaScriptFunction() {

         * @Override public void call(JSONArray arguments) throws
         * JSONException {
         * System.out.println("onsort:" +arguments.toString());
         * if(onSTlistener!=null) onSTlistener.sortChanged();
         * }
        public void call(JsonArray arguments) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
            System.out.println("onsort:" + arguments.toString());
            if (onSTlistener != null)

[/code]thanks for any help ypu can give me.

as per

The org.json and com.google.gwt.json libraries have been replaced by elemental.json.

thank you! I will check it.

I’m having problem with these elemental json, and I cant find documentation of how to use these clases, only the api, that are not very clear.

I changed all my old JSONArray and JSONObject to the elemental.JsonObject and elemental.JsonArray, but Im having these errors trying to get the values from json objects or from arrays:

elemental.json.impl.JreJsonString cannot be cast to elemental.json.JsonArray

here is my code:

    public void sortArrayReceived(JsonArray a) {

                    ArrayList<CategoriaItem> items = new ArrayList<CategoriaItem>();

                  //this print the json array as espected...
                  System.out.println("array:" + a.asString());

                    try {
                        for (int index = 0; index < a.length(); index++) {
                            CategoriaItem item = new CategoriaItem();

                             //here I got the exception...
                            JsonObject o = a.getObject(index);
                            item.setIdarticulo( Utils.parseInt( o.getString("sku"), 0 ) );

PD. I need some help here, I only have access to the project code 4 - 5 hours at week . (Some security thing at the company) , and these changes supposedly were quick to implement.

Kindly try:

String jsonString = a.getString(index);
JsonObject o = elemental.json.impl.JsonUtil.parse(jsonString);

Hope this helped.

thank you!, I will let you know, where can I check more info about elemental.json?