upgrade to 7.3.3 or 7.3.4 panel scrollbar no longer appears

We have a panel with a number of tables stacked vertically in it. The panel normally gets a vertical scrollbar. When we update to 7.3.3 or 7.3.4 it no longer gets the scrollbar. When we switch back to 7.3.2 it is back to normal. Any idea why? See attachments.

There is thread about it, here::

and issue in the bug tracker with simple workaround:

Those seem to be due to the Valo theme. We have not switched to the Valo theme yet. We are seeing it with Reindeer

Oh man thx Matt for investigation,
I’ll roll back to 1.3.3. I have the same issue with runo too.

Our layouts are a little bit too nested for this simple workaround. I may not can spend several hours for a workaround (VERY hard to automatically test).

False alert. I have no scroll bars in older version too :slight_smile:


If you role back to 7.3.2 you will get your scroll bars back.

I created a defect ticket for this.


This was resolved by taking out layout.setHeight(“100%”). See ticket.