Update UserForm


I have a user-form wich includes a DateField and a ComboBox. The content which appears in the ComboBox depends on the Date entered in the dateField.
For generating the user-form I use the FormFieldFactory.
I thought about overriding the fillContainer-Method of the ComboBox in myField Factory. Something like this:

if (propertyId.equals(myClass.date)) {
			DateField field = new DateField(caption);
			return field;
if (propertyId.equals(myClass.property)) {
			ComboBox field = new ComboBox(caption, MySecondClass.class,) {
						protected void fillContainer(IndexedContainer container) {
 Code in here 
			return field;

Anybody an idea how to do this?

How about just populating the selection component in date field value change listener?

Try using https://vaadin.com/directory#addon/customfield
Take a look at the adress field demo source