Unable to create a Vaadin project without connecting to internet

Vaadin project is getting created when I’m connected to the internet. But unable to create a project when internet is not connected. Is it mandatory to be connected to the internet while trying to a Vaadin 6/7 project? Is there any set-up which can be used as offline to create a project?

Please find the attached image of the error message. I’m using Eclipse Juno version.


Well, Vaadin 7 projects use Ivy to resolve dependencies and they can, in practice, be only resolved when connected. Sure, if the dependencies are available in the local Ivy cache, they could be fetched from there.

You can always download the ZIP installation package and use it offline, but the new project wizard in the Eclipse plugin doesn’t currently support creating a new Vaadin project with it.

ticket #11248
about the off-line installation of both the plugin and project creation using the ZIP installation package.

Nevertheless, the error is rather uninformative. Maybe the non-connected situation should be handled more nicely. You could perhaps
create a separate ticket
for that. I didn’t notice an existing one.

Thank you for the response.

For Vaadin 6 I found the below link and I followed the same steps mentioned in the link.

After restarting eclipse, I tried creating a project offline. I got back the same error mentioned in the screenshot. Please let me know if I am missing anything and let me know if you need any additional information.

Well, also the Vaadin 6 project wizard tries to fetch the latest Vaadin JAR from the download site.

You don’t need the project wizard to create a Vaadin project, although it does require various manual steps. You can:


Create a “Dynamic Web Project” in Eclipse.
Add the libraries to the class path (such as in WebContent/WEB-INF/lib) - certain libraries should not be deployed, such as the client compiler, but put to a different place in the class path. See
for Vaadin 7. For Vaadin 6, you need the appropriate GWT libraries.
Create the Vaadin UI class (or Application in Vaadin 6) as
described in the book
or any example code
Define the web.xml deployment descriptor or the servlet class annotated with @WebServlet as
described in the book
If you want to use the Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse to compile the widget set, etc, you can add the facet to your project in the project properties.

[/list]I hope I didn’t miss anything important.