UI(table) can not refresh after add a dialog window

I add a dialog of confirm window before start a background thread.
when I clicked ‘ok’ button and closed the dialog window, thread finished, but the UI(table content)

isn’t refreshed.
if I remove the dialog of confirm window, it will works fine.

codes like this:

final ConfirmWindow _dial = new ConfirmWindow("Deleting Volume ["+volume.getName()+"]

“Deleting volume will erase all information about the volume. Do you
want to continue?”);
_dial.addCloseListener(new CloseListener() {

				public void windowClose(CloseEvent e) {
					if (!_dial.isYes()) {
					new Thread() {
						public void run() {						


I have tried use table.getUI().access() method, but throws NUllPointException.

How can I resolve the issue?
Thanks in advance

Do you use Push or Poll to update the UI after making changes to it in a background thread? If not the changes will only be displayed when you’re making a server request.

More Information

and here

I use Vaadin7.1 in my project, and add @Push in UI.

after closed the dialog window, I even force reselect the Tab( as QuickTicktes Dashboard, but it looks not work) to refresh the View.

If I removed the step of “add a dialog window”, The current Tab can be selected and the view( include the Table) will be update.

I don’t know whether or not I got it wrong.

(In vaadin6.8.0, I use ICEPush, it works fine.)

Thanks, this issue has been resolved already。