TwinColSelect replacement in Vaadin 14

Hi Team,

We are currently using Vaadin 7 for our web development and thinking of migration to Vaadin 14. In that we are going through the components present in Vaadin 14. We are not able to find any corresponding components of twin col select in Vaadin 14.

We want guidance from you as what should be the best approach for having this in Vaadin 14. While Navigating the components we thought of that it can be implemented via ListBox and Buttons. But we are not able to find anything to enable multiple selection in ListBox.

Please guide us for telling the best approach for creating and alternative components for TwinColSelect for Vaadin 14.

There is no stock component yet, but there are many ways to do this.

If you have large data source I would recommend to use two single column Grid’s, since Grid supports lazy loading.

Check also these add-ons