tree drag and drop vaadin 8.1

Does vaadin 8.1 Tree component support drag and drop? I’m upgrading my application and in vaadin 7 I was able to drag and drop from tree nodes within a tree by extending DropListener and also drag and drop tree nodes to VerticalLayouts.

I don’t see any examples of how to do this using 8.1 Tree with the new drag and drop interfaces. I’m currently using 8.1.6.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Tree doesn’t support drag and drop directly right now, but there’s a workaround. Tree uses a TreeGrid internally and you can still use the same D&D mechanism as TreeGrid (and Grid) uses, so you’ll need to cast the composition root of Tree to a TreeGrid and extend it with the drag event handler(s). See
for some more details.


I was able to get it work with your suggestion and the following thread!/thread/16310988.

Thanks for your help.