TouchKit 4/Vaadin 7.4/Grid

I am trying to migrate a Vaadin 7.3.x/TouchKit 4.0 app to Vaadin 7.4 and am testing the Grid component. I am following the theming conventions recommended in the Touchkit chapter 20.6.6 in the Book of Vaadin. I have a css at VAADIN/themes/mobiletheme/styles.css with my UI class using @Theme(“mobiletheme”). Widgetset compiles fine. I set up a Grid with a couple columns and rows and make it the conent of my UI class. When I load the UI the Grid is rendered but is completely unthemed as if the css can’t be found. All other components in the app appear fine. No errors in server log. Firstly is TouchKit compatible with Vaadin 7.4/Grid? If so, what is the correct setup in the *.gwt.xml to properly compile the widgetset so the Grid’s style can be found?

Hi kingcode,

Did you get any resolution to this problem? I’ve just come accrss it today.



I failed to see this thread when I posted earlier today.!/thread/9926188
It looks like we are all describing the same problem with Grid/Touchkit here.