Switching to vaadin from ZK

Hello everyone!!

I’ve just sign up and I would like to explain my expectations (maybe assumptions) about the framework. I’m coming from ZK background and from the task ahead of me ,and from reading the feature vaadin I decide to evaluate vaadin and if possible leverage on its power.here is what we want to do:

An enterprise application based on OSGi where new features could be developed as a bundle with its data layer ,logic layer and view where the view can publish its menu to the main menu and expose its related admin functions to the main admin.a quick peek at the vaadin osgi tutorial made me believe that it’s possible considering the view is from java code and not from xml like zk

Second ,I’m hoping I could have cute/restful url with vaadin(mvc on my mind but It’s part of my assumptions)

Third, we use heavily spring and hibernate I’m hoping it’s won’t be a challenge as the integration is quite young from what people compare vaadin and zk with

Four, this is purely assumption .I was put off by the fact it’s based on gwt as with gwt there is only one entry point to the application as opposed to zk or “.NET” where I can have one page with its code behind class.

I’m hoping that with this post I can have enough information for my prototyping.
Thanks for reading this


Personally, I’ve done no work with Vaadin and OSGI - but I know others on the forum have, with good results. It’s not a very common requirement, so you won’t find lots of posts about this combination - but, it’s totally doable.

The answer is “Yes”; yup can have meaningful URLs through the use of the
. There is no MVC/MVP framework inside of the core of Vaadin - but it’s not difficult to roll your own, and there are some
plug-ins the directory
to try out or base your work on too.

We use Spring & dependency injection a lot in our Vaadin project, with no problems. We have a n-tier architectures, so the DB access is not in the Vaadin application (nor is it in Hibernate for that matter), but I believe that there are a fair number of others using Spring, Hibernate & Vaadin just fine.

Don’t be put off : you don’t have to know anything about GWT to get started with Vaadin. If you start using new client-side widgets, or plug-ins, then you do start to get involved with GWT - but most of the time you don’t see it, and don’t need to know anything about. Certainly, the entry-point issue is irrelevant to Vaadin apps - and one of the major advantages of Vaadin (and one that attracted me to it in the first place) is that the GWT compilation (which is frequently slow) is not needed very often.




It’s interesting.

What are the reasons you switch from ZK to Vaadin?

Hello ,

First of all I’m switching because of functionality offered by vaadin that makes me easily project the feasibility of the task am going to embark on.
task like :

  • full blown osgi web application
  • the ability to have different osgi bundled as feature with user interface, admin interface etc (because most of the UI is from server side as oppose to xul in zk)
  • clear road map and the way the vaadin site/documentation is organized (this is maybe irelevant)
  • existance of tutotial like
    (almost exactly what i would like to build on)

Secondly there is the licensing for their Enterprise Repository (EE) :grin: