Switching from thinwire

Currently investigating switching to vaadin for Citizen Intelligence Agency (
) currently using thinwire.

which embed an external url in a panel, is that something can be solved with vaadin easy ?

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Seems like your looking for
, if I understood your needs correctly. You can embed pictures, external sites, pdf’s, flash, etc. with the Embedded component. Look in the
Book of Vaadin
for instructions of use - in the bottom, section 5.15.3.

Thanks, will try that & looks like a possibly solution.


Thought I might share my current experiment here, replacing thinwire with vaadin.

Now added my vaadin experiment in the
last CIA 1.0-alpha21 release
, very small application avaible under http://localhost:8080/vaadin/ .

Look at Thinwire Main and VaadinMain(Application) under
Java doc

Need to convert all existing views
Java Source Code Reference

Lucky enough most of the com.vaadin.ui match more or less exactly to thinwire.ui so should be easy to fix. When it comes to action handling I already use actionlisteners but my current way of handling view action updates would have to be changed.

Probably to the better, since it feelt like I hacked my thinwire view code to get it to work my way.

Inspired by the
Songs og Vaadin
and the not so obvious discordian eris connection I will be happy to help anyone interesting in creating a Suomen fork of CIA. Finland is way cooler since they don’t have a useless king.

All the information should be available from
Pretty easy java code to change to make it work :slight_smile: But I am only pissed off with the swedish ones, mostly anyway so it have to be a fork…


Good to hear your transition is progressing. As it is, me and a friend of mine have been playing with the idea of creating a portal that would server the data from eduskunta.fi in a more meaningful way. The current site and its information isn’t the easiest to grasp for the common citizen.

I’ll have to check your project and get back to you, if I think I have the time to start / maintain a fork of CIA.


Happy to help you the day you get some time, mostly
Agent Importers
that need to be changed to import data from eduskunta.fi .

Anyway might take some time before CIA 1.0 is released and probably easier to make a fork once the code/test is improved.

The vaadin transition will probably take about a week, willl go live with demo online at www.riksdagsmonitor.com before 14 October this month. Some screenshots at Sourceforge and on blog at
CIA wordpress

All the best, Pether

Did not see screenshots, would be really interested to see them. Care to share a direct link?

Sorry, with proper links this time.

Screenshots sourceforge

Most latest vaadin screenshot

still very early for the vaadin ui, only got through parts of the tutorial.


for admin configuration
view.ui UML


Have started to use
, creates nice url:s and makes it easy to navigate to views.

Now I only have to implement about 10-20 Navigation views before I can delete old ui classes :slight_smile:

Latest screenshot

Live version of CIA application using old thinwire gui now live at


You might want to use Reindeer theme - it is much more compact than Runo (and also IMO better looking).

Navigator is work in progress. If you find any problems with it, feel free to drop a note on this thread:

If Navigator works for you, it is also nice to hear :slight_smile:

Thanks for solving the whole bookmarking issue I had before. Will report any problems if I get any and follow the the thread for updates.

Will try the reindeer theme as well, plan to create a new theme once all views has been replaced.

All the best,

To bad the development stopped on thinwire or became very slow, but now it’s deleted from my stack :slight_smile:

Happy with the way vaadin works out, still prototyping out views. Have initial versions covering admin screens with basic list and forms of most objects in the model.

Look at

Javadoc with UML
. navigationview , container, & form for vaadin ui components.



Now started using 6.2-SNAPSHOT, works excellent.

			<id>vaadin snapshot repository</id>

Still sorting out the NavigationTree and all admin views, a new demo version will be up some time next week.


Web display stopped working using vaadin-6.2-20091117.215011-8.jar.

Most likely because my security filter is setup to handle request at /UIDL/ differently and a window request showed up where I wasn’t expecting it.

Using snapshot one request for window

source=FilterInvocation: URL: /752697631_76904017/

Still get some UIDL request as well.


Will investigate this later on again.


is now updated with the latest 1.0-alpha27 release. Command Center is now functional with agent operations :slight_smile:

Imported some of the data again, votes from 2002 and to and now. Will complete the admin views & clean up the web api before restoring the user views.

now and inject using annotations to the Application.


Application seems to quite large - it will be interesting to see it finished.

Are you hosting this on Google App Engine or somewhere else?

Will try keeping version 1.0 small enough to deliver the next few month, plan to stabilise in time for the election in September 2010.

Hosting on amazon ec2, will investigate the Google App Engine at some point but extremly happy with Amazon aws and enjoy using the firefox plugin elasticfox.

Currently using alestic-32-eu-west-1/ubuntu-9.04-jaunty-base-20091011.manifest.xml (ami-605b7014),

First draft of ec2 user data script.

Btw looking forward to you speaking at Javaforum in Gothenburg on Thursday, hope you enjoy your stay in Sweden.

All the best, Pether

Thanks. Actually - the JavaForum is on Wednesday… 17:00. Had to check it up on