Submitting an add-on

How does one go about submitting an add-on.
I can see they are mosty jar files and they have maven and ivy information plus some sample code or two.
They also often have their binaries stored in a Vaadin hosted maven repo.
Obviously plenty of other people have figured this out but I couldn’t find it in the searches.

What I have is all set up in ivy (actually in ivyroundup) rather than maven, with several dependencies on other jars (also in ivyroundup). I’m looking at adding pom files to those and I wonder what else I need.


did you already check the
help page

For a simple add-on with no dependencies beyond Vaadin, the directory can generate a pom.xml as long as the metadata is ok, and even a single JAR with a few lines of Vaadin add-on metadata in META-INF/MANIFEST.MF can be uploaded as an add-on.

However, especially if you have dependencies, it can make life easier for Maven users if you provide your xyz.jar, xyz-sources.jar and optionally xyz-javadoc.jar as well as some documentation in with correct metadata in the manifest of each (see the help page or use the Vaadin Eclipse plug-in add-on export wizard) and a pom.xml in xyz.jar .

Thanks for the replies. I had not seen the help page (clearly my search keywords weren’t the right ones).
I’ll definitely spend some time reading up on those, as well as the vaadin plugin export.

I have finished my first add-on
and want to make it available in maven. So my question is, how to relaese the addon in the vaadin-addon-repository?

The directory should automatically publish the add-on to its own Maven repository.

This can take some hours, but if it still isn’t available within a few days, please let us know so that we can contact one of the directory maintainers to check why it has not happened - there might be some explanation for that in the logs in that case. I’m not sure if the add-on having a snapshot version might have something to do with it.

thx Henri, it works now. Snapshots are not supported