Strange effects when scrolling with timeline add-on, the return

Seen on timeline 1.2.4: Scrolling with the timeline produces strange results, clipping part of the graph or making it disappear altogether. In the three screenshots, I only scrolled to the right a few pixels at a time. I entered a similar ticket a few month ago (
) and the bug was fixed, but in the latest version it seems to have returned.

Worth creating a ticket for?

Kim Marivoet

I haven’t seen this issue in a while but looks like this could be a regression.

Some things to check is that the graph data source is sorted and does it have duplicate points (the same timestamp for two points)?

Also, are you getting any warning when running this with the debug window (&debug) open?

If you have a small dataset which produces this issue then please include it with the ticket. It would help fixing this issue tremendously.

The dataset should be sorted, with no duplicate timestamps, but I’ll check. It is an ‘irregular’ dataset: the timeinterval between the datapoints varies (sometimes it’s quite large).

I’m currently finishing something else, but I’ll try to get you a dataset early next week.

the previous results were on Firefox 11.0. On Chrome I get other strange things:

Okay, thanks.

The other issue you’re getting is a Chrome 18 specific rendering issue. Its already been fixed along with
and should not occur anymore in the upcoming Timeline 1.3 release.

I was able to reproduce the problem with the attached datasets. The format is very simple: first the timestamp, then the value, one line per entry.

To reproduce: zoom in up to like a 2 weeks region (for example, sept/okt 2010), and scroll a bit by clicking on the arrows.

Kim Marivoet
12299.txt (791 Bytes)
12300.txt (5.21 KB)

Thanks for the datasets. I am now able to reproduce the issue.

I created ticket
for the issue. It should get fixed for the next minor release of the TImeline (1.3).

Thanks for reporting this issue!

Vaadin Timeline 1.3
has now been released which should fix the drifting issue.