Stencil Js component in Vaadin 14

Good morning everyone,
i’m trying to integrate a web component built with Stencil Js and based on other npm packages but with no luck until now.
Could you please tell me some guidelines to follow ?
Thank you in advance.

I’ve found the answer by myself.
All we need is to follow this guide :
Once Stencil component was built, it has to be published on npm.
In Vaadin all we need to do to correctly connect the component is set the right annotations params like :

@Tag("Name of the component create with 'npx stencil generate'")
@NpmPackage(value = "package name set in  Stencil package.json", version = "the version number set in Stencil package.json")
public class MyClass extends Component {
	    public MyClass() {   	
    	this.getElement().executeJs("" +
    			"let modulePath = '';\r\n" + 
    			"import (modulePath).then(x => x.defineCustomElements());" );    	
// registrations, getters and setters here..


This works for me and i think it could be achieved with a more clean approach but i hope it can help someone else.