Spring Boot Vaadin flavored Apache Shiro demo app

I have successfully implemented a Spring Boot Vaadin flavored Apache Shiro demo app which mimics Apache’s Shiro demo app which they developed in Spring Boot ThymeLeaf. It took a little doing and some hair pulling, so maybe this example wiull save someone a bit of hassle. Here it is.


I have an improvement idea for you, use Servlet API to change Session id here after login

As this is a missing feature in Shiro, see:


Spring Security is different and does this for you automatically.

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Thank you for this suggestion, and the thought which went into it.

I followed the link, and implemented the change as described, but it screwed up my screen flow in this very basic app.

In my team’s private repo for this app, I have created a separate branch for this fix, and will see how my team wishes to proceed.