Spreadsheet causes endless progress/load indicator

This does not happen using vaadin 7.5.10 and spreadsheet 1.1.4 but it does happen using vaadin 7.6.4 (actually any version of 7.6.*) and spreadsheet 1.1.6., my app opens a window with a Spreadsheet component. As soon as the window is open and rendered I get the blue progress line up top and the loading indicator, modal curtain. It never stops and blocks you from using the app. The blue progress line gets like to 90 % to the end and just hangs. Now when it is doing this if I click the browser refresh and then as soon as the window is displayed I click on a cell in the spreadsheet and it doesn’t do that and I can use the app as normal. Now when I run the app on my local server (ubuntu OS) this issue never happens, it’s only when I deploy to our remote test server (windows server OS) that this issue occurs. I’ve looked everywhere for an answer with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Duplicate post please look at these posts for more information:

I can confirm this has been fixed in 7.6.5 version of Vaadin.