some help with keyframes & loading custom font's .

Hi every one . I have tow probems …
1# when i’m trying load custom font on my project i can’t load more than tow fonts
I tried removing or comminting the third font loading statement and every thing going well put when
uncomment it there is nothing happens . No loging error messages or server errors just compiling process .
2# keyframes does’nt work … yes i used prefix and every thing put agin nothing happens
any ideas please ?
I’m working on open source project using the best framework ever “vaadin” .just have internet connection problems so i can’t deploy it or pload the source code right now put i will.
Thank’s for every one ,thank you vaadin.


I know now vaadin sass proccessor can’t proccess keyframes . i still looking for solution to to font loading problem . Any one can help ?

I’ve used keyframes without any problems in Vaadin. What version are you running? What browser(s) are you testing in?

How are you loading you custom fonts? Mind sharing some code? :slight_smile:

My code with keyframes (!/thread/8619346
) also doesn’t work.

Simple test. This should work.


protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {
  final VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout();

  Label lbl = new Label("Test");



.test {
  -webkit-animation: test 5s infinite; 
  animation: test 5s infinite;

@-webkit-keyframes test {
  from { color: red; }
  to { color: blue; }

@keyframes test {
  from { color: red; }
  to { color: blue; }

Regarding the custom fonts; perhaps this will help:!/thread/8614199

Unfortunatly it doesn’t work :-(.

class="v-label v-widget test v-label-test v-has-width" Vaadin 7.1.12, 7.2.7; Firefox

thank’s guy’s …

a bout keyframes i found this :

[font=comic sans ms]

Spinning probably failed because the Vaadin Sass compiler doesn't recognize @keyframes rules properly (at least that was a problem a little while ago), so those probably end up wrong in the output CSS. A workaround for that is to use a regular .css import, which will not go through the Sass compilation.


URL :!/thread/5111764/8680094

that what "
Jouni Koivuviita
" Said.

and my problem with custom font’s n’t when loading one font or tow , the problem comes when i’m trying to use more than tow custom font’s … the compiler just stop compilng after “hours”… i know it’s n’t big problem cuze i can add all my font icons into one . and use the last one for my custom font . put that is long way and productivity issue .
thank’s again to share with me your time.