SimpleLayout and widget set

I’m trying out the SimpleLayout addon
to see if it can improve rendering performance in a very complex page and run into widget set problems.

First I get

so, I follow the instructions from here:
(I had to update the gwt maven plugin and gwt dependency to 2.3 as well as I recently switched from Vaadin 6.5 to 6.8.

So, that step done the application UI won’t load, I get the following message:

trying the URL as mention in this thread
I get a 404.

Changing the servlet mapping does not help: neither /* nor /VAADIN/* produces a viable result.

But, strangely, when I check the contents of my war file, there is a file /VAADIN/widgetsets/no.anastazia.web.component.CustomWidgetSet/no.anastazia.web.component.CustomWidgetSet.nocache.js.

So, what am I doing wrong?

I tried this
as well, but get the same result.

I finally found the reason why I couldn’t get it to work: a simple, stupid capitalization typo… I had in one place written …Widget
et instead of Widget