side menu hiding transition

Like in the Subject i need to create a bloomberg-like (just to mention one) side menu hiding; and i need to add all the transition stuff to it.
Do you have any clue on how to do this ?

Please elaborate a bit what you need, and perhaps add a link. I went to but could not see any side menu with transitions.


I’m not fully sure is this what you want, but I made
the Toolbox addon
some time ago (and is very soon also ported to Vaadin7, as some Vaadin bugs have been fixed). Here is a

The default is that it folds/unfolds when moving the mouse over it, but you can edit the properties in the demo, so the toolbox fits your need (and works like in Bloomberg).


TY johan this is perfect for what i need! Unfortunately i’m developin in V7 so i’ll have to wait…

(I’m sorry if i didnt put details to explain better what i needed.)

Good to be of help. In practice, it is ported already, but as I said, there were a few bugs that I wanted to be fixed first. I’ll release it when it seems stable. Heard some rumors that the bugs should be fixed in beta11. If I have time tomorrow I’ll check if it works better.

I just tried to use it in V7b10 and throws an exception… it’s better for me to use it with a stable release :smiley: since i’m not in a hurry.

Heh, yeah, the V6 components are not compatible with Vaadin 7.