setReadOnly() bug ?

I got the class which extends FormLayout or customComponent
then I add some components like TextField, CheckBox etc. when I setReadOnly(true) to my class the components are not in read only mode, then I use setEnable to whole class and this wotks also for components - this is a normal behavior ?

Yes this is in my opinion the normal/desired behaviour.
ReadOnly mode is generally made to be used with data inputs like TextFields and not Containers.
Enabling and disabling containers instead should on the other hand disable all the child components.
This behaviour does make total sense to me.
If you want some way to set all child components of a container also to readonly when you use setReadOnly() you could override this method in your customcomponent and recursively set readonly mode to all child components.

Maybe You can help me - I got the problem with view compatibility, when I setEnable for my form in IE 8-9 or 11 then component fields are not visible :confused:
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Ok i got solution for IE, just try use a custom CSS style

.v-disabled {
opacity: black !important;
filter: alpha(opacity=100);