Serving different layouts for different devices


I’m evaluation Vaadin7 with a Tomcat7

What If I want to serve different page-layouts for different devices (user-agent/screen resolutions) in my application.

E.g. I’d like to serve one layout for Phone-Like Devices, one for Tablets and a third one for desktop browsers.

How could i configure that? Custom Java Script and a navigator dispatching based on the result?

Thx in advance!

I think the last time we had that in a project we had a forked Vaadin CDI addon and handled the device-type check in CDIUIProvider. Different UIs for different devices and so on.

Hello dreamwalker7,

vaadin offers you the full functionality for mobile devices with this add-on

Sometimes a simple check list just doesn’t work :wink:

There’s a wiki article about using Vaadin’s own UIProviders