Running Vaadin application in docker?

Hi all;

we do have a Vaadin application that runs from a jar with an embedded jetty and a starter .jar file with all dependencies in a separate lib/ folder. I am trying right now to run this out of a docker container. The docker container itself runs the same Java 8 as the environment I am using. The current Vaadin application build works well on my host. All relevant files for the application are in place in the docker container in the same directory layout as on my local system.

Starting outside the container, the app works fine. Starting inside the container however, the application will start and load correctly but as soon as I try to point my browser there, I see a ServletError complaining that ResourceBundle ui_en is not found. Actually yes, I do not have a ui_en resource bundle, only ui_de as the application so far is available in German only. However I don’t so far see what could be causing this different behaviour of the app while inside the docker container. Can anyone provide me with any ideas where to look to get this fixed?

TIA and all the best,

This is somewhat resolved, obviously was / is a locale issue, see!/thread/14447898.