RaphaelJS/jointJS integration

Hello all,

my company is looking for a framework to use with our new project, vaadin seems to meet our criteria but there is
still a crucial question:

our designer/programmer is working with two libraries on is
which is actually an extention to raphaelJs, (both are SVG javascript libraries).

so, can these libraries be integrated to Vaadin? how hard is it to merge this library (jointJS is the one we use mainly) with vaadin?

thank you in advance,

They can be integrated, at least that’s my initial feeling. Haven’t bumped into any JS library yet that couldn’t have been integrated.

Should be fairly easy to make the client-side work, but the harder part is designing the server side API, how the library is used with other Vaadin components, and how data is communicated between the server and client side parts.

You’ll find more answers from the Book of Vaadin in the custom widget development chapter:
Chapter 10. Developing Custom Components

And this forum is a good place to get further help.