Questions about FileDownloader/BrowserWindowOpener

I have a few questions about the new Vaadin 7 way of opening/downloading resources.

  1. Is there a way to use these extension for Components which are not extending AbstractComponent, like MenuItem?

  2. Is there any non-deprecated way of opening/downloading a file from code (so not during something like a button click)?

  3. When I extend a button in a Generated Column with BrowserWindowOpener containing a dynamic StreamResource ( e.g new BrowserOpener(getGeneratedStreamResource(parameters…)) ) the table needs extra loading time for every row which is rendered (In
    another thread
    someone said that the method would only be called when the extended button, in my example, is actually clicked). Is that the right behaviour or am i doing something wrong?

I know these questions where already asked before but not many of them were answered (like e.g. the Menu-one from David Wall in the linked thread). Also i’m not sure if something changed in that regard since Vaadin 7 was released.