PWA not caching line-awesome icons

I’m currently building a Vaadin 24.4 app, mostly focused on the react side. The idea is that users install the PWA, and can use it to access some offline data for a QR via a react library. They then can either fetch additional details from the backend, or watch a cached version if they’re offline and its available.

Right now it mostly seems to work as intended, though there’s one small annoyance I’m facing: It seems the line-awesome icons (used in the example/start app) do not appear to be cached inside the PWA for when server is offline.

Any ideas on how to explicitely mark those resources? I saw some examples for font-awesome around (somewhere, can’t find them right now sadly) but couldn’t figure out the proper route for these.

There is an offlineResources parameter you can add to the @PWA annotation