Publishing an add-on

Hi all,

I have create a simple component for a work project which I consider to publish as an add-on, since it solves a common problem. My employer has already agreed to this.

The terms of service state:

“Any registered user or Vaadin can upload and publish software in the Service. If the publisher is a business, the business must be registered on the portal with a normal user account.”

What is meant by a “normal user account” here? Can I just use the account I already use on the forum?


If your company don’t want its name to the Directory to “represent” the author of the add-on, just use your account and upload it. Else, create a “normal user account” for the business, login with it, and upload the add-on.

Thanks in advance for your contribution!


Hi Matti,

I’ve created the jar, but when trying to upload it I get the message “No manifest found”. I’ve created the jar using the Vaadin add-on export in Eclipse and edited the manifest afterwards to make the jar OSGi compatible. The manifest is in the META-INF folder in the jar.


Found the problem already:!/thread/314556/314555

Repacking the stuff using jar.exe.

Uploading finished, you can find it here: