a few months ago I started with Vaadin. First just for fun but in the meanwhile I already created some nifty web applications.
On my small blog
I write a little bit about my projects and my goals.

What kind of projects are you doing with Vaadin?



Vaadin is really fun to use. A few years ago, I made the
IRC client on top of IT Mill Toolkit 5 (the previous Vaadin version). Now it’s just ported to Vaadin6.However, its eems like some features have stopped working since the upgrades :). Anyway, I think this is a good demonstration of where/how to use the server push mechanism. Also DCC send and receive still seem to be working (atleast on ipv4).

Check out this link
to get a grasp of what has been done with Vaadin…

Nice work btw, keep up your work with Vaadin. :slight_smile: