Product Tour Add-on


I just published a new addon:!addon/product-tour-add-on

It is basically complete, but unfortunately there are minor performance problems in Firefox & IE I wasnt able to resolve. In Chrome everything is working fine. Maybe an experienced addon developer could have a look?

Other than that every feedback is welcome of course!

Very nice!

Looks great!

Thank you very much for the feedback!

I resolved the problems I had with Firefox & Internet Explorer (for all struggling with the same problem):

That being said, the addon should b pretty stable and feature complete.

As a next step I will provide a version compatible with
Vaadin 8
, as far as I have seen the changes should be minimal.

Version for Vaadin 8 is out!

Greetings from Italy,
… and thank you for this great extension!

I successfully imported “Product Tour Addon” in my project (my team uses
Cuba Platform
, a great framework based on Vaadin) and I started to use it everywhere.
By the way, there’s a problem with .setModal() method; in your demo at
, if you go to the last step (“Cancellable, Scroll To, Modal”) you should see a modality curtain element which should block click events on background elements, but this won’t happen.
I fixed the problem by setting “default” in the property “class” of tag HTML (yes, before BODY), obviously if you are using “default” vaadin theme.
In Chrome browser, you can try this solution by opening the console (Ctrl+Shift+J) and typing this javascript:

document.documentElement.className += " default";

Since Cuba Platform uses jQuery, I used this line of code:


I hope this could help you to fix the bug.

Thank you for your work,

Paolo Novelli

Hello and thank you very much for your feedback!

I have made a fix for the reported issue.

Please use version

  • 2.2
    for Vaadin

  • 0.5
    for Vaadin

Have a nice day!

Now it works!
Thank you for the quick fix!

I started implementing this addon in my project but it is not working same as the demo.
The styles are not properly applied.
Please see the attached image.