Problem with export table to Excel

Hi, I’m new user of Vaadin and I have a problem with export a table to Excel.
I created a table and I want to export it to Excel.
I read that I have to import this :
import com.vaadin.addon.tableexport.ExcelExport;
import com.vaadin.addon.tableexport.TableExport;

When I compile my programme, I have an error, because Vaadin can’t import this things.
Can anyone help me?

I think this points to
this third-party addon
. You need to add it to your project first before you can use the classes.

I installed plug-in in Vaadin and I still have error when i write:
import com.vaadin.addon.tableexport.ExcelExport;
import com.vaadin.addon.tableexport.TableExport;
Anyone helps?

Add it using your build resources from the Vaadin directory.

Not sure what you use to build your project. Do you use Gradle or Maven or Ivy?

After you have installed it using these build tools, then you can simply compile the widgetset.
For example, in Eclipse you press Vaadin Cog weel button that says: “Compile Widgetset”

After it compiles you can use that addon in your project.

I use Maven. When I Click Vaadin Cog weel button I have: “Select a widgetset file (…widgetset.gwt.xml) or a Vaadin project to compile”. I don’t know what I have to download to use addons.
i"m sorry, but I’m a new user of Vaadin and it’s difficult for me.

You need to add to your project’s pom.xml the Maven dependency bit from the side bar of the addon page I linked, and then do a Maven update for your project so that it resolves the dependency and downloads the files for your use.