Pro Account Conditions

I tried, writing down what Pro Account offers, e.g. benefits and costs. Thus I found some issues:

  1. The first inconvenient point is, that most terms are distributed through several web pages. One Site with all terms and conditions would be pleasant.
  2. The second inconvenient point is, that there are still points left open, as the description is not detailed enough.

    Are there any warranties?

    Are there any limits, how long an estimated task at least takes?
    If a work estimation was wrong, why I have to pay for a wrong estimation. Is there a limit, e.g. the percentage of the estimation deviate from the real working time. Who will guarantee me, that this is not a never ending story?

We are working on this and it will be available shortly.

Only in the form of bug fixes to products. No warranty is given for support answers.

Estimate for a support ticket is just an estimate. It’s accuracy depends on several things - including the any further questions added to the support ticket. It is guaranteed that the estimate will not be exceeded, but it is not guaranteed that the task is completed within that time. In the end - it is you who decide how much time should be used for the task by estimating if the answer/result is good enough or if it still needs clarification.

I didn’t quite understand one thing. You write in

How is it possible to have a negative balance?!

There are two ways for this

  • Agree with sales on invoicing. We could agree on a limit allowing your balance to negative.
  • If we are really close to resolving your urgent issue and you agree, we might in some cases allow (small) negative balance to get the problem resolved asap.

Thank you for your answer. I have another question:

The vaadin blog announces under
Bugfix Priority

What does it mean: When I find a Vaadin Bug - which of course must be fixed for my application to work - I create a ticket and within two days an developer will look at it and fix it soon? Is this bounded to support?
When I need a bug fix within a certain period of time, I have to use the support, who will fix it.

So I am not sure, what it means that “it is guaranteed that within two days someone from the Vaadin Team is assigned to work on that bug”. Can you please given further explanations?

Whenever you flag a bug ticket in
bug tracking system
as a priority in the Vaadin Pro Account, we try to get it fixed asap. The guarantee is that we will review the bug and assign it to a developer in two (working) days at most. Time needed for fixing a bug varies a lot - from hours to several days.

In best case you might have a fix for your bug in just one day from marking it important. Or it might be that fixing takes longer and you get the fix in one week. In the worst case the bug is invalid (either the report is unclear or we can not reproduce it or it is really an enhancement instead of a bug). In those cases the bug will just be marked as such - within that two days.

All is all - bug fixes are included in the price. No extra support hours are needed.

Also note that bug fixes cover all Vaadin Ltd products - not just Vaadin Framework.