poor responce on this forum

Why is there so poor responce on this forum?

Is Vaadin the best option as there is little to no help on here.

It’s true, I thought I’m the only person that has monolog conversation in my own threads.


the amount of responses you usually get is highly dependent on the information provided in your post. If you just provide e.g. an exception you’ve faced (or even only a stack trace) it’s practically impossible to help you so no-one will respond.

To maximize the probability of getting responses you should always put as much information to your post as possible (environment, server, vaadin version in use, if possible a snippet of code that reproduces the issue and so on).

Of course, even this does not guarantee an answer but will make sure you have better chances. Also, please remember that people in this forum are responding on their own time and that this is not an official support channel for Vaadin.


Apparently, the Vaadin community is not that big. It also let me wandering wherher Vaadin was a good choice.
You could also try to post your questions on Stack Overflow. Maybe there is a better chance of getting an answer?

according to https://vaadin.com/comparison support forum activity is 2nd place after jquery. So, is it only bullshit? or the forum is only contain unanswered question?

Yes Stack Overflow have a better changes but most time but not vaadin users just Java users trying to help… more detaled questions go unanswered and Vaadin TRAC bug department is just as bad.

This forum is a wast of time checking or posting feom what I see.

500 people follow the “Vaadin” tag on Stack Overflow. Not a big number…