Polymer to Lit Templates: TemplateRenderer.of(...) ?


I leverage TemplateRenderer.of(…) with Grid/TreeGrid (including Hierarchy column) columns widely.
Will TemplateRenderer.of(…) support Lit templates ?
Should I change the template content, which is passed to TemplateRenderer.of(…) in order to migrate from Polymer to Lit templates ?

Will TemplateRenderer.of(…) support Lit templates ?

Strictly speaking not. As you see from the documentation, you can give in the string only the html part of the template, not the script.

Did I understand correctly, that my current code, which passes to TemplateRenderer.of(…) only the html part of the template will work without any changes, even after Vaadin moves from Polymer to Lit components ?

It could be so, it is a bit too early to promise yet. At least now the Java API works same way regardless of the component being implemented in Polymer 2 or 3 format.