Polymer components in existing application


I have an application - simple crm system based on vaadin maven project (UI, Navigator and some Views). And I want to use Polymer components in existing interface.

Is there a way to use Polymer components with Valo components on the same application page (layout)?

All examples of Vaadin Elements and etc that I found are dated about 2 years ago (and I can’t start them with modern vaadin version).

This add-on in our directory is a good example for you to study and seems to cover all the main topics how to create custom Vaadin component.


Thanks for answer!

Will try to build some elements.

I’m somewhat confused.

I was expecting that the polymer elements could be used as drop in repacements (or side by side) with any existing vaadin component e.g. TextField.

Am I misssing something here or has vaadin left out integration of polymer with their core framework?

I want to replace the vaadin combobox with the polymer combo box.
The vaading combo box is horrible.
The search only allows you to search from the start of text and you first have to clear out any value before you can start typing.
Paging through a large number of items in a combo box is tedious as the width of the combo items keeps changing so the up/down arrows keep moving.


For Vaadin 7, you can try the
Elements add-on
. It might also work directly with Vaadin 8, but haven’t tried it out yet with the alpha versions.

In the future, the Core Elements (web components) will become part of the main Framework.
Read more about the roadmap from a recent blog post

Also, there shouldn’t be any reason why you could not use the new Polymer based elements together with Valo components.

Ah, just noticed that Ilya has already tried the Elements add-on, apparently, and didn’t get it to work. It’s true the examples are very old, that add-on hasn’t been in active development, it was more a proof-of-concept (a “Vaadin Labs” project).

You can play with
the source code
yourself if you want to see if you can get to work.