Open Layer in Vaadin

I have found open layer widget for GWT. Is there something like that for Vaadin?

Do you mean
with open layers? A map that you can embed to the application? I do not think anybody has made a widget of OpenLayers, but you can make Vaadin widgets quite easily out of GWT widget. The widget just has to implement the Paintable interface and you need to make a server side counterpart for it. It is all described in the
Book of Vaadin
. There is, however, a Google Maps widget created by Henri. You can see a
demo of it
read how it was made
download the code

Hi Jansson,
I have read about that GoogleMap in Vaadin, and I have tried it. However, I want to build a mapping app using Web Mapserver (WMS) as a map server (using php mapserver and php mapscript). Currently I made it using Browser component by manipulating URL.
I am now trying to make a widget for open layer using this (
Thank you.

This sounds like a good idea! Since there is a GWT component already, it should be pretty straightforward, at least the basic stuff.

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i tried the googlemap in VAADIN like the description from Henri. It works fine.
After that i tried to include the open-layers GWT.
The Server starts without any erorrs, but i cant see any map in my application.
Then i tried to debug the application, but my debuger doesn’t came to my breakpoint in

Could anyone help me to display a map with open-layers gwt. And how can i debug my Application?