No Collapsible / Toggleable Panel in Vaadin?

Hi all,

I’m struggling to find an easy way to get a modern collapsible/toggleable panel in Vaadin 8. It seems very strange to me that the framework still doesn’t have a built-in component for that.
Accordion is the most similar, but it doesn’t come with animations, icons for expanding/reducing and it supports only an opened panel at time. Too limited, even the simplest jQuery Accordion is better:

I found a lot of examples and some addons (Drawer, Animator, …) but they are not working. I’d like to know what are Vaadin’s developement plans for this kind of component in the near future.


no plans that I’m aware of. You could always integrate jQuery’s Accordion if you like it:


Have you tried any of these?

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’d like a Java-only solution.

Thanks Alejandro, I’m using the second one and it works well. There’re no animations but it’s a good start.