Newbie : Where can I start

I am newbie and I have seen this framework and I liked!! I wanna know where can I start , I read the book of Vaadin even this books has great information but just how works Vaadin.

I need a tutorial or guide for “Getting Starting” program. I wanna use this framework for my project. I know Java not UI but Java, intermediate.

And I have a few question:

1- Some people tell me that Java is so slow in web environment and use a framework worst? What do you think?

2- I have used Tomcat for deploy any app so little, this can be scalable to 1K conections with Vaadin

3- For an app with Vaadin like desktop resources hardware for 1K users , How many I need?

I think this product is great , I have 3 days just reading about Vaadin now I supppose to test something.


There are many tutorials available - take a look e.g. at
and the Vaadin 7 feature mini-tutorials at

Vaadin is better suited for intranet type of business applications than applications on the open Internet, but does scale quite well if you pay attention to how you design and develop your application. There are real applications with large numbers of users. For the extreme cases you can see
this (artificial) scalability study

If you go to a thousand concurrent users, though, you need to pay attention to the design of your application and do some profiling - better start with a smaller prototype if you are not familiar with Vaadin.