New vaadin session per browser tab

Hello guys, I wonder if there is some way how to have completely new vaadin session for new browser tab.

In our application, we have one Spring application context for whole servlet and then using!addon/spring-stuff addon we have own application context for each vaadin session.

What I would like to do is that in one tab I will have one vaadin session with its own application context and its own UI instance when user can log in and work. I would like to open another tab with a new vaadin session with a new application context and new UI instance where I can log as different user and work independently.

Currently this only work fo different browsers, not tabs, because same vaadin session is used.

Is this even possible in vaadin? Thank you very much

Vaadin uses a cookie to identify user’s session id. Browsers share cookies between tabs thus the session is shared between tabs. This is almost always the wanted behavior. This servlet session behavior comes from the servlet container and not from Vaadin so I don’t think you have any (sane) way to get around this.

Ok, thank you very much.