New Addon: JS Screenshot


a few weeks ago, I started to work on a simple addon called
JS Screenshot
. It is a simple wrapper for the nice html2canvas script and has been some kind of experimentation effort to see how well such a thing could work.

I wonder what people think about it, and how to go forward from here. Due to some limitations (same origin policy with external images, svg and embedded objects in general) I guess it will never be a full replacement to a applet/flash solution but there could be some use to it.

One idea would also be to render the current window not into a HTML5 canvas, but as a svg (which html2canvas already supports), transfer the result to the server and use something like batik to create a raster-image out of it.

Anyway, I am curious to get some feedback :wink:




I have not actually tried out the add-on myself, so I won’t provide any thoughts on implementation details - but I just wanted to tell you that the add-on immediately inspired discussions and ideas at the Vaadin HQ!

It certainly has potential, and even with limitations, the possibility to get even some sort of screenshot w/o requiring plug-ins and warning-dialogs is undoubtedly useful in some situations - and might quite possibly inspire some totally new ideas.

I.e: Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Best Regards,