Need help for integration of flash component


We have custom flash component that is used for image editing. And after editing we need to upload that image in our server.
We want to integrate it in our Vaadin webapp.Since there is not much documentation on integrating flash component I am not sure if we can extract the editing image output from the flash component. I think we can just integrate it for viewing purpose by passing the required input parameters but could not get the output from flash component.

Can anyone help me here?


Don’t know much about Flash, but for displaying it should be enough to add the .swf-File as Resource to an Embedded-Component with TYPE_BROWSER. The upload and saving of the file I would do by using some kind of (REST-?)Webservice. As I said - “Don’t know much about Flash” - so maybe there are better ways to do the uploading-thing …

There are several add-ons in the directory integrating Flash components to Vaadin applications - see
this search
. Perhaps even more relevant in your case, if I remember correctly,
uses a Flash component as a fall-back on some browsers that do not support the relevant HTML5 APIs.

You could take a look at the source code of these as a starting point.

Actually, my goal is not only to integrate flash or just file uploading. I want to provide an image editing functionality to the end user before uploading the final image to our server.
So, for that we had already created the flash component which gives some options of image editing and when the user OKs the final image, it is uploaded to the server. But I don’t think so if using the Embedded object can give me the edited image output from flash component to save it on the server.

Also, I found one image editing Vaadin add-on at But its giving me error upon image upload before I even able to edit the image.
There may be some size restriction in this add-on. We are allowing the max upload image size to be of 3MB.