Multiple Portlets

I have a Eclipse project with vaadin portlet configuration. I create multiple applications class and I want to deploy them in liferay and see multiple portlet in liferay! Is it possible!? or I have to create multiple eclipse project to see multiple liferay portlets!?

What do you mean by multiple portlets?

Multiple instances of the same Vaadin portlet on a single portal page are possible when using Portlet 2.0. In that case, you can e.g. on Liferay define your portlets as instanceable in liferay-portlet.xml. Portlet 1.0 Vaadin applications do not support running multiple instances of a portlet on a page.

You can also have multiple different Vaadin portlets on a page, either from the same WAR or from different ones. To have multiple portlets in a project, just use multiple “portlet” sections in portlet.xml and copy the corresponding sections in other portlet configuration xml files (e.g. liferay-portlet.xml, liferay-display.xml, …) as necessary.

Note that all portlets on a page must use the same widgetset and should use (derivatives of) the same theme. If is strongly recommended to use a shared static theme directory and widgetset on the portal as described e.g.

Perfect I understand perfectly!! I havo to modify de xml of portlets spesification!

This explains some of my questions. Also wondering, is it possible to have two different portlets (2 wars) with custom Widgets on a same page? if no is there a way to achive it or is that the case that Vaadin Does not support is completely?

The easiest way is to install all the add-on JARs on the portal and use
Vaadin Control Panel for Liferay
to compile a shared widgetset which contains all the widgets needed by all your portlets.