Multiple File Uploader with Javascript and Vaadin

Good morning guys, i wisch you a good start in this new week.

I have for my company an special multiple file upload developed.

This upload formular is integrated with and CustomerLayout in a absolute layout. I can changed the files an render a list from files in a legend.

But i find not way for the file upload communication in between javascript client to the vaadin server.

I have an Javascript File, Javascript Component and this associated ComponentState.

What i go to do about upload this files on the server?

I have found entries with the upload receiver, but this not help me.

Thank you very much for your help. Best regards Daniel.

There are several file upload add-ons that support multiple file uploads. Two exmaples in the Vaadin directory are EasyUploads and Plupload wrapper for Vaadin 7.x (this is actually wrapper for an Vaadin external library). Both are on Github, so you can probably find some more details on how they have done it from there.