Migrating DataSeriesItem configuration

Hello Community,

currently I am migrating our chart configuration. With Vaadin 8, I was able to specify the color of an AbstractSeriesItem: https://demo.vaadin.com/javadoc/com.vaadin/vaadin-charts/4.0.2/com/vaadin/addon/charts/model/AbstractSeriesItem.html#setColor-com.vaadin.addon.charts.model.style.Color-

seriesItem.setColor(new SolidColor(c.red(), c.green(), c.blue()));

With Vaadin 14, all I can do is to specify a color index: https://vaadin.com/api/platform/14.3.6/com/vaadin/flow/component/charts/model/AbstractSeriesItem.html#setColorIndex-java.lang.Number-

All this index does, is adding the classname “highcharts-color-n” to the corresponding chart item in the DOM. Since I do not have a css class rule for every possible color I may want to use, I am a little bit lost here.

Has anyone an idea, how I can apply a color to a AbstractSeriesItem?

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Did you notice this recent blogpost? https://vaadin.com/blog/vaadin-17-includes-a-major-vaadin-charts-upgrade

Thanks for the information. If works perfectly fine with the new charts version and it seems compatible to vaadin 14. Do you by chance know, if the java API will be available for Vaadin 14? If possible, I do not want to manage the charts version by myself.

I found it myself : ) “We currently estimate that it will be available in version 14.5.0.”