Can i use one Backend Microservice and one Frontend Microservice in hilla? If it is yes, Could you please provide me one demo project

What goal do you want to accomplish by separating the application in two microservices?

We are trying to replicate Amazone Webservice concept, were each Microservice have its own UI compained to a layout

So you mean https://scs-architecture.org

Sure you can do that you simply have two separte services with a UI

What exactly do you want to know?

Iam currently doing https://github.com/marcushellberg/hilla-microservices this project, and which contains commen frontend for different microservices.How can i use another microservice which includes frontend? and also how to navigate that two frontend?

Navigation is simply by links

How can i add one more frontend microservice in https://github.com/marcushellberg/hilla-microservices this project? Can i link with two microservice frontend in main layout?

A microsevice would be an own project. And you can simply add a link with the url of the other service

Sir, Could you please give one example?

My other service

Thank you. And this https://github.com/marcushellberg/hilla-microservices project contains two microservice.How can i add frontend in both microservice?

Go to start.vaadin.com, create two hilla projects, copy the sources of both Microservices to the projects → done.

Could you please give me one demo? I dont know how copy the sources of both Microservices to the projects.

Maybe you should explain what you are trying to achieve. For example with a diagram

This is the flow.localhost:8080 is main hilla-app microservice.View1,View2,View3 are the sub microservice with frontend.When i click on each sideNavbar item(View1,View2,View3), need to change its corresponding UI of sub microservice.

As I said those are simple links

Is that links can only do that? What about using routes?is there any possibility to add sub microservice frontend components into mainlayout(hilla-app) route.tsx? should i provide my code?

There is nothing like submicroservices. What do you mean by that term?