Looking to copy-and-paste cell description

I am hoping to copy all or part of a (Grid) cell description (aka tooltip) to the clipboard. Is it possible?

Vaadin 7.6.8


it might be doable with some JavaScript hackery, but I wouldn’t count on it to work reliably on all platforms - I think more security-conscious browsers might block that. There’s an add-on called
that does something like that - it might not do exactly what you need, but you should be able to pick out the relevant JavaScript bit from the sources.


For automatic clipboard interaction, Olli’s suggestion is the way to go; example - clicking a button to put the text in the clipboard. If you don’t mind manually selecting the text and hitting your system’s copy key combo (ctrl-c, etc…), the following CSS worked for me (default setting was “user-select: none;” inherited from div.v-tooltip):

.v-tooltip .v-tooltip-text {
    user-select: auto;