List of things that currently does not work or are in progress

Hello guys,

I would love to see some kind of “roadmap” but more like bullet point list.

Purpose: Me as total newbee in Hilla I would love to check what things basically are not possible to use and I know them from “modern frontend world”, using next.js and simillar node.js based frameworks.

One of the thing I was curious first was SEO (or SSR) and I asked about the in GitHub issue, but from this forum I see that there are probably more things that have to be tweak to work without workarounds. Am I right?

This list could save a lot of dev hours for someone like me who are going to build some product and should know about things (features) that he should avoid or add workarounds.

There is a very coarce level roadmap bullet point list here: Roadmap | Vaadin

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What do you think about collecting things (features) that are currently not possible to do, are not supported at the moment, based on user feedback?

I would love to have that kind of list to allow me better planning.

It could also be a great resource for any new contributors who want to do some programming and learn with Vaadin, Hilla.

We like very much if our users open enhancement tickets in our GitHub repository. Issues · vaadin/hilla · GitHub Those are important for discussion openers. Also search first if there is already a ticket and comment them, add thumbs up and your ideas about the API’s etc.

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Issues are mostly about bugs or asking for help with something specific. Hard to get the picture, overview in a few minutes.

Moderated list → picked from issues, forum, other channels could make sense to everyone. From project/product manager to developer.

We are working on getting an updated, more informative roadmap in place after our next major release.