Links with click handlers instead of buttons?

Does Vaadin provide any provisions to create links with click handlers instead of buttons?

I know that I can have links open other windows, but that isn’t quite what I want to do. I create my main app chrome in my main window, then simply swap out the panel beneath the menu to add in additional functionality.

Now I’m modeling an activity stream where users can click on the objects involved, and should get a form or other piece of information containing whatever view of that object they have access to. I can model this as buttons, but I’d really rather use plain links if I can.

Part of my hesitation is that I’m building this app to be accessible, and screen reader users often use buttons as a quick way to navigate to actions (to quickly get to a form submit button, for instance.) I’d rather not overload the button so significantly that this navigation pattern is useless, and would rather reserve them for actions instead of links to another user’s profile. So a Delete button is OK, but buttons for menu items, profile/job/report links, etc. is a bit overboard. When I’m done writing this, for instance, I’ll use button-based navigation to quickly jump past the other fields to the Publish button (especially since it doesn’t seem to be sensibly in the tabindex. :slight_smile:

Am I missing something?


So styling the button to look like a link is not an option, I guess.

You should take a look and try out the
ActiveLink add-on
which provides just the things you need, I suppose.

Perfect! Thanks.