Lazy loading scroll event


I want to implement the lazy loading for my result table, when the user click on the search button, the application use the web service to send the message, then another process will wait for the result and charge it into the table, and i have also added some components like icon, button in this table, i can not use the container in this case, how can i realize the lazy loading function for this table, please?
To implement the scroll event listener? Can you give me an example, please?

Thank you.

You might find useful to have a look at the source code for this addon:!addon/lazylist-add-on

Thank you, i will go to see it, so i should create a new widget or can i import it directly?

I don’t know your needs, it might be that LazyList as it is is good enough for you.

Thank you for your reply,
I will send a search request to another module, with the parameters (filterContent, firstTransactionNumber, transactionsNumberPerPage) then it will contact the Database persistance and return the range of transactions that i want to show to the user, all these transactions will be inserted into a table.

Because i don’t have the Database interface, i should get the list of informations by another package.
So there is no SQL Query.