Layout problem


I am new to Vaadin but find the framework to be very productive.
I do have a problem fixing the layout for my application though:

I am using the VerticalLayout and want to have a table to fill up the entire web browser window except for a menubar that should be at the top.

    layout = new VerticalLayout();

    MenuBar menubar = createMenuBar(); // The menu bar has 100% width

    FilterTable table = createTable(); // I have tried various settings for the table size without success

If I set the table width to 100% then everything looks good at startup, but when I resize the height of the browser window the table is not resized to fit the new height (resizing horizontally works well though). When trying “setSizeFull” for the VerticalLayout the table only takes the lower 50% of the browser window height ?!

Thanks in advance,


See this message:!/thread/4863321

Oh, so easy :wink: