JSlider Add-on inside a table - issue

i have a problem when using addon JSlider (https://vaadin.com/directory#addon/jslider-add-on) within table’s row.
In the attachment is a UI class which simulates the problem. Here is a part of code when i create the slider and add into the table.
InputTagConfiguration inputTagConfiguration = new InputTagConfigurationImpl(“tagId1”, “tagClass1”);
SliderConfiguration sliderConfiguration = new SliderConfigurationImpl();
sliderConfiguration.setRange(new Range(1, 10));
JSlider slider = new JSlider(inputTagConfiguration, sliderConfiguration);
slider.setValue(1, 10);

    //this is not working
    Table table = new Table();
    table.addContainerProperty("line",  JSlider.class, null);
    Object itemId = table.addItem();
    Item row1 = table.getItem(itemId);

When a put JSlider just into the layout it is ok, but when i put it into the table i can see only textfield with values. I inspected the result’s HTML and i can see that the element is missing, it was not inserted correctly into the

for jslider in the table.
If i create a button which triggers setValue on the slider object, the slider appears in the table (tag SPAN is inserted correctly).
Do you have any idea? Could it be rather general problem with AbstractJavaScriptComponent within the table? I also tried to put that within the tabsheet and the problem seems the same as for table.
Thank you,
17426.java (2.88 KB)

as a workaround i put timeout for several milliseconds in the javascript connector function before the connector tries to get the element sliderInput (var sliderInput = jQuery(“#”+this.getState().tagId);).)

Hi Tomas,

I’m experiencing this bug too.
Could you post the js you have modified, please ?
Thank you.

hi Denis,
please find resp. js in the attachment…
18507.js (1.91 KB)

Thank you Tomas.
I already did the same thing but forget the recursive call which is a very good solution.
Thank you again.